Average Container Storage Guide

Below is an Average Container Storage guide showing the 125cuft and 250cuft standard internal storage units if you were to put your contents in to Storage at any time, However we also do offer shipping container storage these are Standard 20ft and hold approximately 1100 cuft of storage.

Storage is very much dependant on the quantity and size of items you have

For Example :- if you choose to live a minimalist life style then you would normally use half the amount of storage suggest where as if you were an avid collector of material objects then your storage needs would increase.

Also if you have in  your garden a green house, a summer house filled with garden furniture and a loft space above your garage then all of this would need to be taken into account, you might want to get us to pop around to give you a better idea of what you would require.


1 Bed Flat,


2 Bed Flat,


1 Bed House,


2 Bed House,


3 Bed House,

4 beds

4 Bed House,


5 Bed House,